To force servers and receivers to challenge each other and perfect their technique used to perform each skill.


  • Set-up 3 players in back row positions on one side of the court
  • Set-up 1 player as a Target in the setter position
  • Have the remaining players form one line of Servers on the opposite side of the court
  • Each Server needs 1 ball
5 To Die Volleyball Serving Drill

How it Works

  1. On the command SET GO, the Servers will take turns serving balls across the net.
  2. The back row players will try and receive the serve and pass it to the Target.
  3. Out of every 5 in-bound serves they must get 3 to the Target.
  4. If they don’t, then that back row group comes off the court and does a punishment and a new group comes on.
  5. If they succeed, then all of the Servers must do a punishment (e.g. lines, pushups, etc.).

Coaching Tips

  • In this drill servers are expected to try and serve aggressively, therefore do not punish them for missed serves.
  • Choose a punishment that your team dislikes but does not take a lot of time: 10 push-ups, 10 tuck jumps, a sprint, etc.
  • This drill helps reinforce to players that they must challenge one another in order to improve; this is why both servers and defenders will be punished for failing to succeed.