To add variety in practicing passing skills with a focus on bumping and setting.


  1. Separate your team into 3 groups.
  2. Each group will create a separate line starting at the 3 meter attack line.
  3. Have a coach or player line up by the net in front of each line.
369 Volleyball Setting Drill

How it Works

  1. A player or coach will toss the ball from the net to the first player in line.
  2. The player will then get into position and return the ball back to the coach or player and then go to the back of the line.
  3. Once everyone in the line completes one pass from the 3 meter line, the line will move back to 6 meters away and repeat.
  4. Once each player completes a return bump from 6 meters away the line will back up once more to 9 meters.
  5. The drill is complete once every player in line has completed a pass from 9 meters.

Coaching Tips

  • Players will start to gauge the distance and force that is required to get the ball to a target at a specific distance.
  • To add variety you can use setters at the net instead of coaches or players and they can set the ball back to the next player in line making the drill move a little more quickly and allowing your setters to get some additional practice.