To give players the opportunity to learn or sharpen the fundamentals of a good pass


  • Enough balls for each group of players to use 1
  • Partner off your players into pairs of 2
  • Give each pair a ball


  1. Instruct each player to create a flat ‘table top’ surface with their forearms and pass the ball to their partner.
  2. Each pair should pass the ball in a controlled fashion back and forth to each other for a minimum of 20 passes.
  3. Teach your players that the proper technique to create the ‘table top’ is to bend the knees, put one foot in front of the other, and lift through the ball when striking with the forearms.

Coaching Tips

  • With repetition, your players will develop the basic skill of setting up for a pass to the setter.
  • To make it more difficult you can require that passes be consecutive, meaning the ball doesn’t touch the ground in between passes. You can also require the players to pass from greater distances apart.
  • To make it more competitive you set a time limit and see who can get the most consecutive passes within that time OR you can set a pass limit and reward the first team to get to that number of consecutive passes in a row.