This drill will help players learn the proper place to set up blocks when a player approaches to attack.

slide block volleyball blocking drill


  • Divide the your players into groups of 3
  • Designate 1 group to be Hitters
  • Designate 1 group to be Blockers
  • A coach will stand at the net with their back to the Blockers, facing the Hitters


  1. The coach will point to a Hitter.
  2. That Hitter will quickly approach the net.
  3. The Blockers must slide into position and jump up in the blocking action.
  4. Then the coach will immediately point to another Hitter and continue to do so in a continuous fashion.
  5. Rotate Hitters to Blockers, Blockers out, and a new group of 3 to Hitters.

Coaching Tips

  • This is a great way to help teach your players to slide together along the net in order to make the right block.
  • It also enhances proper movement and footwork to get into position for the block.
  • You don’t need a ball in this drill, the goal is to help enforce quick reactionary movements by blockers so that they get into the right position.