This is designed as a quick tool to help players watch the attacker’s approach to be able to set the appropriate block.


  1. Create 2 lines of players
  2. One line of Blockers
  3. One line of Attackers
  4. No balls are required
Shadow Blocking Volleyball Blocking Drill

How it Works

  1. The first Attacker will approach the net from the left side of the court.
  2. The first Blocker will follow and set up a block on the opposite side of the net.
  3. The Attacker will shuffle back and then approach the net again.
  4. The Blocker will mirror their movements jumping up and setting up a block anytime the Attacker approaches the net.
  5. The Attacker should complete at least the net approaches.
  6. The second players in line can start once the first players have completed the second block.
  7. Make sure every player gets the chance to be both a blocker and an attacker.

Coaching Tips

  • It is important that players watch the attacker to know and understand where they are going to set up blocks.
  • Once they go throw this several times they will gain a better understanding of how the attacker is going to approach the net, so that they can set up the appropriate block for the hit.