A game to provide the players with some extra fun while they continue to develop and polish their passing skills.


  1. Enough balls for each group of players to use 1.
  2. Group your players into pairs of 2.
  3. Give each group a ball.
Pepper Volleyball Passing Drill

How it Works

  1. The first player tosses the ball up in the air to their partner and that person plays a pass (bump) back to the partner.
  2. The second player then tries to set the ball back to their partner.
  3. The first player then executes a hit (spike) returning the ball to their partner.
  4. And then the second player must move quickly into position to bump the ball off the spike.
  5. Complete this at half speed for several rounds before requiring the players to do it at full speed.

Coaching Tips

  • This is a great exercise that helps develop proper passing skills and movement among teammates.
  • Once players master each style of pass (Bump, Set, Spike) and can easily complete a full round at half speed, have them increase the speed or do relays against other groups.
  • If you have odd numbers or you just want to mix things up, you can form groups of 3 and they can play Triangle Pepper – the same game using three people instead of two.