This drill will drive home the importance of making a good pass to the setter and getting into your offense.


  • 8 players will start on the court – 4 on each side, 1 setter and 3 hitters in position to return the serve
  • A 5th player on each side will start next to he ball rack on the baseline, ready to serve
  • The rest of the players will form a line on the baseline
pass set volleyball passing drill

How it Works

  1. The server will serve a ball to the defense, who must then make a pass to the setter.
  2. The setter will then attempt to make a perfect set to the coach standing at the net – if successful, the team will receive +1.
  3. The server on the other side of the court will serve to the other team, with them attempting to do the same thing as well.
  4. The drill will continue until we reach a score of +20.

Coaching Tips

  • Each time a passer returns a serve, they sub out and the next person in line comes in to replace them.
  • The server will continue to serve until they serve two balls inbounds in a row, to give them a little pressure in this drill as well.
  • Remind the defenders not to swing their arms – let the ball bounce off, it has enough speed already on the serve.
  • If players are having too much difficulty returning the serves, we can make the drill a little easier by having the ball thrown in instead.