For both passers and setters to utilize movement and proper positioning at a quicker pace.


  1. Divide your players into two even groups.
  2. Each group will run the drill on one side of the court.
  3. Players will line up in the back left corner.
  4. A coach will be at the middle of the net.
M Passing Volleyball Drill

How it Works

  1. The coach will start the drill by tossing the ball (simulating a serve) to the players in the back left corner.
  2. The first player in line will make a good pass back to the coach and run forward just inside the attack line.
  3. The coach will make another toss (simulating a pass) to the player as they are running into position.
  4. The player will complete a good set pass, sending the ball back to the coach, and then will shuffle to middle back court.
  5. While the player is moving to middle court, the coach will toss the ball (simulating a tipped ball).
  6. The player will bump pass the ball back to the coach and then move to the front right side of the court, inside the attack line.
  7. The coach will toss the ball again, and the player will set it back.
  8. Lastly the player will backpedal to the back right corner and receive their last toss from the coach, returning a good bump pass.

Coaching Tips

  • The players complete an M pattern as they move from spot to spot and follow a Bump, Set, Bump, Set, Bump passing pattern.
  • When you focus on this in practice it will provide good conditioning and a variety of work on several passing scenarios.