This drill is designed to keep players on their toes and make them work for the extra passes.


  1. Have your players line up in single file line near the back of the court.
  2. The coach will start mid net with as many balls as possible.

How it Works

  1. One player steps out of the line towards the coach in a ready athletic position.
  2. The coach will toss, hit, or throw a series of balls to the player with different speeds, distances, and spins.
  3. The player must react and return each one hitting it towards the coach or the net.
  4. Example: a) The coach sets the ball to the player, the player bumps it back b) The coach does a hard hit to one side, the player must run to hit and return it with a dig c) The coach tosses a short tip pass, the player will need to dive to keep it in play.
  5. The player tries to get as many consecutive passes as possible, once they miss a hit, the next player in line starts.

Coaching Tips

  • With repetition and practice this will help players develop greater control and quickness when moving the ball.
  • If you have additional coaches or assistant you can create multiple groups and lines to give each player more touches.
  • Once players master this, you can even pair them up and have them do this with a partner.