To help attackers learn how to read the defense and recognize where to hit the ball.

Find The Hole Volleyball Attacking Drill


  • Set-up 6 players on defense on one side of the court
  • Divide the remaining players into two lines of Attackers
  • A coach near the net on the Attackers side with a basket of balls


  1. The coach tosses the ball into the air to one line of Attackers.
  2. The first Attacker in line will approach the net, read the defense, and complete a hit.
  3. The defense will not try to return the ball but will move around setting different blocks to act as a deterrent to the attacker.
  4. You can keep this continuous so that each attacking line moves quickly.
  5. Allow each player to get at least 5 attacks at the net.

Coaching Tips

  • When the player approaches and hits the ball, they need to try and hit areas where the defenders are not.
  • This is an accuracy drill, you can switch the defensive formations up to make it more difficult.
  • As your players practice this they will be able to read different defenses and they will be much more adept at finding holes in the defense.