The defensive progression allows us to focus on individual skill development, allowing the whole team to get plenty of reps.


  • Players will pair up, and form two lines, 10-15 feet apart, facing each other.
  • One player from each pair will have a ball.
Volleyball Defensive Progression Drill

How it Works

  1. The offensive players will spike the ball at the defensive players.
  2. The defensive players will get low and attempt to return the spike to the offensive player.
  3. The drill will continue like so until the passer has gotten 10 reps in, then moving to the next part of the drill until they’ve gone through all 4 parts.

Coaching Tips

  • Players should begin in a wide base, in a good athletic position with their hands down by their side and ready to go.
  • The 1st part of the drill will involve the partner throwing the ball down low at their partner, forcing them to bend their knees and dig low, remembering to keep their shoulders over their knees and letting the ball bounce off their platform.
  • The 2nd part of the drill we’re going to work on having players move out of their area – they will take a step to the right with their right foot and pass the ball back to their partner.