To teach the principle of bumping the ball deep when you aren’t able to hit the ball into the opposing court.


  • Set-up three targets with cones on one side of the net, in places where there are usually defensive gaps.
  • Divide your players into teams of six.
  • One team will be in a defensive formation on the other side of the net to run the drill.
Deep Pass Volleyball Passing Drill

How it Works

  1. The coach will toss, throw, or serve the ball across the net.
  2. The players will be required to receive the ball and execute the typical three hits.
  3. On the third hit the player must complete a deep forearm pass to one of the cone targets on the other side of the court.
  4. This is done continuously in a game-like fashion: a) Each team starts with 10 points b) If they miss a target on the deep pass then they lose two points and they do it again c) If they hit the target they don’t lose any points and another team rotates on.
  5. Continue until each team has had at least 3-5 rotations, any teams that have lost all their points have to run lines.

Coaching Tips

  • Players need to focus on making the third hit pass as deep as possible, this will help put your players in the right mindset of hitting the ball deep.
  • This is another skill that can be very useful in a game because deep balls are much harder than short ones to try and field and can catch an opponent off guard.