To encourage players to tip the ball to certain uncovered areas of the court.

Corner Tip Volleyball Attacking Drill
Corner Tip


  • Place baskets (clothes baskets work) inside the four corners of the attack lines.
  • Divide your team into two lines of Attackers.
  • Place one coach near the net with each line.


  1. The coaches will toss a ball up to each of their lines.
  2. The first Attacker will approach the net and tip the ball into one of the baskets on the other side of the court.
  3. If they make it into the basket they get a point.
  4. The player with the most points is rewarded with fewer lines or whatever else you desire.

Coaching Tips

  • The tip is an important skill to learn, as it throws the defense into a spin when they are guessing what is coming at them.
  • To increase the difficulty and effectiveness of this drill you can add a blocker so that the attacker has to react to where the blocker goes and/or you can add the option to hit instead of tip the ball.