This drill is designed to be a quick tool that forces players to get into position in three separate places on the court.

3 Station Passing


  • Divide your players into two groups.
  • Place one group on each side of the court.
  • A coach or player will be positioned at the net.
  • Give each coach 3-5 ball.


  1. The coach or player at the net will toss a high ball (simulating a serve) to the back right.
  2. The first player in line will receive the ball returning it back to the net with a bump pass.
  3. The coach will then toss a short ball (simulating a tip) towards the middle of the attack line.
  4. The player must run into position and make a good pass back to the coach.
  5. The coach will then place a final straight ball toss (simulating a deep bump or set) to the back left corner.
  6. The player will finish the drill by running into position and making a good return pass in the back left corner.

Coaching Tips

  • Players will improve footwork, quickness and their ability to react and get into position to make a good pass.
  • Complete this at half speed so that players get a feel for the positions and then speed it up.