To build on the previous fundamental skills and add to it with greater lateral movement and passing combined 

What You Need: 

  • Make 2 tape lines down the middle of the court 12 feet apart (yellow lines shown in the diagram)
  • Divide your players into groups of 2
  • Give each pair a ball

How It Works: 

  1. One pair will start inside the two taped lines and one person will toss the ball to their partner
  2. After they toss it, they must shuffle to their right and touch the tape before coming back to the middle
  3. The second player will receive the ball and pass it back to the first player
  4. After they pass it, they also must shuffle to their right to touch the line and then return to the center
  5. If players can complete 10 consecutive passes back and forth then they can rotate with another pair

Results & Tips: 

  • With repetition players will increase their quickness in lateral movements and ball awareness so they can easily recover and make good passes
  • To mix things up you can require players touch a different line each time they pass the ball, forcing them to shuffle both left and right