To get your players moving while they continue to develop different passing abilities

What You Need:

  • Partner up players based on skill level
  • Give each pair 1 ball
  • Make sure that each pair has enough space to move and hit

How It Works:

  1. One player will start off the passing drill by tossing the ball to their partner
  2. The coach will call out the type of pass while the ball is in the air (e.g. high pass, flat pass, set, etc.)
  3. The receiving player must react to the call and perform the desired pass returning the ball to their partner
  4. The pair continues to pass back and forth and the coach continues to call out different passes as desired

Results & Tips:

  • Players will gain increased skill in passing the ball using a wide range of passing styles and receiving scenarios
  • To add variety or if numbers are odd, you can form groups of 3 and run the same drill
  • To make it more difficult you can rapidly call out new passes so that each player has to hit the ball differently each time they receive the ball