This volleyball practice plan focuses on passing and blocking. We’ll introduce a variety of fun drills to help develop passing and blocking fundamentals and apply those skills to game situations.

PHASE 1 - Dynamic Warmup (0:00-0:05)

Light Jog:  Jog to the net and back to the end line (2x’s)

Side Shuffle:  Swing arms front and back while shuffling

High Knees:  Bring the knees up while jogging forward

Lunges:  Reach one leg forward and squat down

Side Leans:  Squat and lean side to side

Knees to Chest:  Pull one knee up to the chest

Classic Quad:  Pull one leg behind

Sprints:  Go 75% top speed to the net and back (2x’s)

PHASE 2 - Pepper (0:05-0:15)

Setup:    Group your players into 2’s or 3’s.

How It Works: 

1.  The groups pass the ball back and forth or in a triangle following this pattern: Toss, Bump, Set, Hit.

2.  If they can’t dig the hit then the group starts over with a toss.

Coaching Tips:

PHASE 3 - Approach (0:15-0:25)

Setup:   Divide the players into 3-5 separate lines.

How It Works: 

1.  The first player will step up and complete a three-step approach. towards the net

2. They will finish with a jump and arm swing as if they were going to hit the ball over the net.

3. Have each player complete this 3-5 times without the ball.

4. Then have them complete the drill 3-5 times with a ball.

DRILL TIMEOUT - 30 Seconds

PHASE 4 - Blocking Side (0:25-0:40)

Setup:   Divide the your players into groups of 3 – hitters and blockers.

How It Works: 

1.  The Hitters huddle and decide who is going to attack.

2. On BUMP, SET, the chosen Hitter approaches the net; The Blockers adjust to defend the phantom hit

3. Once players are comfortable with getting into the right position, stand at the net and toss a ball up to the Hitter. 

Coaching Tips:

Complete this at half speed for several rounds before requiring the players to do it at full speed.

PHASE 5 - 6 v 6 Play and Apply (0:40-1:00)

Setup:  Organize your players into teams of 6

How It Works: 

1.   Play as many sets as you can, rotate teams or players after each set, use 2 or more “drill timeouts” as needed.

Coaching Tips:


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