This volleyball practice plan focuses on passing and blocking. We’ll introduce a variety of fun drills to help develop passing and blocking fundamentals and apply those skills to game situations.

PHASE 1 - Dynamic Warmup (0:00-0:05)

Light Jog:  Jog to the net and back to the end line (2x’s)

Side Shuffle:  Swing arms front and back while shuffling

High Knees:  Bring the knees up while jogging forward

Lunges:  Reach one leg forward and squat down

Side Leans:  Squat and lean side to side

Knees to Chest:  Pull one knee up to the chest

Classic Quad:  Pull one leg behind

Sprints:  Go 75% top speed to the net and back (2x’s)

PHASE 2 - Pepper (0:05-0:15)

Setup:    Group your players into 2’s or 3’s.

How It Works: 

1.  The groups pass the ball back and forth or in a triangle following this pattern: Toss, Bump, Set, Hit.

2.  If they can’t dig the hit then the group starts over with a toss.

Coaching Tips:

Complete this at half speed for several rounds before requiring the players to do it at full speed.

PHASE 3 - Approach (0:15-0:25)

Setup:   Divide the players into 3-5 separate lines.

How It Works: 

1.  The first player will step up and complete a three-step approach. towards the net

2. They will finish with a jump and arm swing as if they were going to hit the ball over the net.

3. Have each player complete this 3-5 times without the ball.

4. Then have them complete the drill 3-5 times with a ball.

DRILL TIMEOUT - 30 Seconds

PHASE 4 - Blocking Side (0:25-0:40)

Setup:   Divide the your players into groups of 3 – hitters and blockers.

How It Works: 

1.  The Hitters huddle and decide who is going to attack.

2. On BUMP, SET, the chosen Hitter approaches the net; The Blockers adjust to defend the phantom hit

3. Once players are comfortable with getting into the right position, stand at the net and toss a ball up to the Hitter. 

Coaching Tips:

Complete this at half speed for several rounds before requiring the players to do it at full speed.

PHASE 5 - 6 v 6 Play and Apply (0:40-1:00)

Setup:  Organize your players into teams of 6

How It Works: 

1.   Play as many sets as you can, rotate teams or players after each set, use 2 or more “drill timeouts” as needed.

Coaching Tips:

Apply the principles talked about in practice and help players recognize when they did something right and make sure they play at full speed so that you paint the picture of what it will look like in a game.
If players are developing bad habits, slow it down, demonstrate proper technique and then continue.


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