This is a great way to practice the footwork required to make the transition from attack to defense 

What You Need:

  • Divide your players into two teams 
  • Have a coach start on the referee podium with a ball

How it works:

  1. The coach on the podium will hold the ball to one side of the net
  2. The team on that side of the net will move into attacking positions
  3. The team on the opposite side of the net will move into defensive positions
  4. The coach then moves the ball over the other side of the net and the teams adjust accordingly
  5. The continues for several minutes while reams rotate in and out

Results & Tips:

  • This is a constant movement drill, when one side is executing one thing, the other side should be doing the other 
  • As you practice this your players will develop more sound fundamental footwork to help them make the transition from offense to defense