24 Spiking Drills That All Volleyball Coaches Should Know.

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Bob BertucciBob is a 32 year coaching veteran who has manned the sidelines as head coach for Lehigh, Temple, Rutgers, University of Tennessee, and West Point.

He’s racked up a 667-383 career record. He’s led his teams to multiple NCAA appearances, developed 8 All-Americans, and 46 All-Conference Athletes.

Needless to say – he knows what's he's talking about when it comes to coaching volleyball.

And if you need some ideas when it comes to Spiking, he is THE MAN you need to get ideas from.

Today, you can get Bob's "Unstoppable Spiking Skills & Drills" Clinic. You can access the entire video clinic online in just 90 seconds. Here's some of what you have to look forward to...

Unstoppable Spiking Skills & Drills Clinic:

Bob shows you the the 4 keys to spiking technique (including the nitty gritty details that most coaches miss) and shows you 24 spiking drills that every coach should have in their notebooks.

You'll discover:

volleyball skills Why you should FORGET the term "3 step approach" when discussing spiking (it's actually slowing your players down and hindering their body's NATURAL explosive powers). Plus, learn the new "coaching phrase" that will instantly CLICK in player's brains and tell their body exactly what to do.
volleyball skills How to dramatically improve your players vertical "lift" just by changing one small detail in their early arm motion.
volleyball skills 3 unusual drills to help coordinate your players arm swing and footwork (if you're players don't get the EARLY motion correct, they will sabotage their spike before they get off the ground).
volleyball skills The "alphabet test" to ensure your players are getting the most out of their up and over arm swing.
volleyball skills An easy "alignment drill" to use with players who have trouble getting the ball in front of their hitting shoulder.
volleyball skills How to train your players to "see the opening" and line up a cross court, sideline, or deep spike based on their opponent's positioning.
volleyball skills How to diagnose common spiking errors (and the EXACT WORDS to say to players that will quickly correct their mistakes).
volleyball skills A quick partner drill to improve hitter's arm extension at ball contact.
volleyball skills 4 Drills to refine the optimal approach angle for each of your attackers.
volleyball skills The best technique for teaching a punishing back court attack.
volleyball skills A little-known "bounce drill" that literally forces your attackers to automatically adjust to various trajectories, speeds, and positions.
volleyball skills A "quick attack" drill that will have help your players master the ART of transition.
volleyball skills 4 excellent drills for warm-ups and endurance training (depending on the intensity and pace you dictate).
volleyball skills How to teach your players "situational spiking"- simple placement tips that work for every age group.

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